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Foster Care Q and A
What is the difference between Sierra Vista and any other agency/the county?
We base placements upon Foster Family preferences, we provide many opportunities for networking and training, we provide 24/7/365 day support we are very available, we place with several counties not just one, we provide a great personal touch to our Foster Families.
Do you have to be married?
No, but if you live with a significant other they will need to be on board with becoming a Foster Parent and get certified also.
Does it cost anything to become a Foster/Adoptive parent?
Reimbursed for CPR/First Aid, only incurred cost are minor modifications to home in order to make it CCL compliant.
What is the average age range of children that are with Sierra Vista?
Children’s ages range from 5-12.
What is the process in order to become a Foster/Adoptive Parent?
It is required to take 7 classes (all 7 offered each month). You must fill out an application, Live Scan/background check with DOJ, FBI & Child Abuse Index, Physical (must be in generally good enough health to be Foster/Adoptive Parent), write an Autobiography, Home Study by Licensed Social Worker, make minor modifications to house (lock up steak knives, lock up medications, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, garden tools off limits, etc.). Certification is good for Foster Care, Adoption or both.
I recently fingerprinted with my work, do I still have to be fingerprinted with Sierra Vista?
Yes fingerprints must associate you with Sierra Vista.
Do I have to be a Foster Parent in order to adopt or can I just be an Adoptive Parent?
No you can do one or the other or concurrent (both together).
How long does the process take?
Anywhere from 4-6 months, you work on it at your own pace.
Can I transfer from a previous Foster Family Agency to Sierra Vista?
Yes, in most instances this is possible.
Do I get to choose which child will be placed in my home?
Yes we try to base placements as closely as possible to Foster Family preferences.
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